Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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SSD not recognized in A1278

Hi, I'm also having trouble upgrading the drive.

I have a Mid-2009 13" MacBook Pro, 2.53 GHz (A1278)

So I tried using a Samsung 850 EVO SSD, I externally formatted the drive via SATA to USB adapter, GUID/MacOS Extended. The system won't recognize the drive.

I've tried installing MacOS Sierra (The '09 MBP has El Capitan on the old HD) on the drive from my other MacBook Pro and it doesn't recognize the SSD either.

I bought a new 2009 HD cable thinking that would do the trick but same issue, the system won't recognize the SSD.

I'm lost because I've tried USB bootable thumb drive as well and it just won't recognize the SSD.

Also can the 2012 MBP SATA cable be used on the 2009 model?

How to get my '09 MacBook Pro to recognize the new SSD or any SSD for that matter. Also the original HD/cable and new SSD (only externally)/cable all work. But, again the SSD just won't recognize. I've also tried resetting PRAM and SMC. I would really appreciate any help anyone can provide.

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Sometimes the simplest answer is the answer ;-} It sounds like your SSD is just bad here.

If you have the drive properly prepped and the OS is installed then the drive should be working. The fact it is not recognized at all implies the drive is just bad or the cable connection is bad (if it works externally).

This system shouldn't have any problems running this SSD are you sure you have the Samsung 850 EVO drive here?


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Yes I had the Samsung EVO 850 and I did purchase a new HD cable too. Well I'm going to try a new San Disk SDD Plus that I picked up, I just hope it works and that the HD was the issue. I'll update you as soon as I give it a try today and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Ken, click here a nd thanks to Dan for the fix

How can I install OS X on a new ssd



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Thanks you guys for your help, Dan you were right, it was definitely the HD and it didn't hurt that disk maker X 6 wasn't working all that well either. Between that and my USB flash drives not wanting to partition/erase it took A LOT longer than it should've. BUT it finally worked! The most amazing part is I just timed the start ups on my 2009 MBP and my 2015 Retina, because a drag race is still the funest test of whose faater and they were only a couple seconds apart. You guys were a great help and thank you again!


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