My laptop won't open

My laptop was fine until yesterday. It was getting charge. After awhile I plugged out the cord to clean screen and other outside part after I finished, I put my laptop on charge again ,but the LED light that indicate getting charge wasn't glow.Then I tried to power on my laptop but the laptop won't. What shall i do? Does the issue with motherboard of my computer? Please help.

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How did you clean the screen? If you use too much liquid it could get into the interior and short out parts.


Only by small amount of water


Try removing the battery and disconnect the ac adapter. Hold the power button for 30 seconds and then plug in the ac adapter and see if it boots. If the computer worked before cleaning but not after cleaning it, then something may have happened during cleaning. If this power reset does not work then the next thing to do would be to take the covers off and look for damage. Check for the disassembly guide for your computer on the Repair Guides section of this site.


Thanks, I tried all these .Also there is no physical damage in my laptop.


If you have a volt meter, use it to test the output of your ac adapter. The voltage output should be listed on the adapter. Take care not to short the contacts in the connector. If the voltage is good then the problem is in the laptop's system board.