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MacBook Pro late 2008

I bought a Macbook pro late 2008 Everything seems to work fine but i noticed the fans don't seem to run at all

I have taken it apart and neither the right or left fan are running i have been trying istat to force fan speed even on the max setting they do nothing same with smc fan control i have ordered 2 new fans just incase it is the fans have failed seemed odd for both to have failed though?

if this does not fix i was just wondering if anyone has any other ideas what to try this is my first mac so i am not familiar with them but i do work in IT and have general knowledge with technology

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Turns out it was just total coincidence that both fans failed replaced both and all is now working thank you!


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I bet you're using some fan control software and playing some heavy graphics games. both of which will wear-out the fan's


Rare for 1 to fail, let alone 2. Grab a schematic and board view for your model (board number should be 820-2330).

The SMC tells the fan to spin and gets feedback from the fans through Q5660. Check pins on Q5660 (search for in board view), as this mosfet may not be switching properly. Let us know the measurements.

If it is not this, will be the SMC, which will be near impossible to get for a model this age. If you do not have experience soldering or the tools required, there is no point following the above instructions, just send it somewhere who does logic board repairs (if the fans do not resolve the issue, of course).


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