Screen won't turn on

My gf has this laptop and every once in a while the computer turns on but not the screen. I'm a tech in training so I'm still new I think it may be the microprocessor. I have tried restarting it, I tried using new monitors and even a TV through HDMI and neither pick it up. Also the computer i's ON but it doesn't seem to respond no login screen tone and I tried blind putting in the pass. And nothing. After a few days weeks even longer it usually will come back on for a little until the problem happens again. It seems to be completely random when it happens and it's recovery time also seems random except each time it happens it takes longer and longer to come back right now it's been off for about 3 months. My experience with laptop repair i's very very little. I do know though that a lot of parts are not cross compatible with other laptops but I was wondering 1, does this sound like the microprocessor to anyone else and 2, can I replace it?

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If the computer can run normally for a short time, then the microprocessor is less suspect. Have you removed the covers to see the mother board and looked for liquid spill or discolored parts?



Do you get the startup screen at all?

Does the screen work when you go into the BIOS area?

Have you tried starting it in safe mode to see if it also fails?

Have you tried booting from the USB port with a program such as MemTest 86 on a bootable USB drive This is a memory test program. Not really concerned at this stage about memory testing, merely trying to boot from something other than the HDD and see what happens.