500 GB Hybrid Seagate SATA Hard Drive results in slower boot times?

I recently installed a 500 GB Hybrid Seagate SATA Hard Drive in my MacBook Pro 17" running OS 10.5.8. And though i am experiencing considerable reductions in application launch times the restart time has almost doubled from 38 sec with the old disc to 1min 8 sec with the new hybrid ... I have restarted several times in the hope that active memory would adjust but it did not help. I have repaired permissions and verified the disc with out anything notable. Any suggestions appreciated... thanks

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Make a smaller

partition for booting, you can move swap and other files (app.s) to the larger partition.

Part of the boot process involves inspecting the disk- so the more disk to inspect the longer it takes.

Think about a Boot CD or DVD aside from the OS it has a few tools and the install packages.

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Thanks machead3 ... but if you take a look at this you tube video it shows a 500gb booting in 16 sec http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YQOkVzn0...

and that is the times I was expecting according to reviews etc ... do you think there might be as issue with being on leopard and not snow leopard...

appreciate your answer though niallo

You believe everything you see on YouTube? - A restart is faster than a cold boot (I didn't see a button press), also the appearance of the desktop background does not complete a boot there's no dock, and there could be menu bar applications that still need to load. Also how many more login items might you have than that example?

There's a kicker in the fine print... and 4GB of SSD in my 2010 13" MacBook Pro. The drive supposedly remembers the most used applications and stores them in the SSD as cache.

Yes that is the exact disc i have installed with the 4gb of ssd that is why i that is why I have restated so many time in the hope that the active memory would place start up files in the cache...

I have an SSD in my mbp running 10.6 and it can start up in 10 seconds and run apps off the bat.. I can post up a video later on if you want to see.

Its specs is 8 gbs of RAM, 256 Gb Corsair SSD, 10.6.5, SSD is partitioned in half (W7 and OS X)



SSD or not, on a freshly installed OS, it should NOT be slower than a regular drive (especially since its running a 7200 RPM)

My SSD'd MBP starts up 10.6 in 10 seconds.

It may be the SMS (Sudden Motion Sensor) thats turning your hard drive off whenever it feels motion. Seagate has its own SMS built in where when it is used with apple's SMS it locks up. Try turning off SMS.

Instructions to do so are here. (I just looked on Seagate's site, no mention of their "G-Force Protection" on this HDD, but its worth a shot anyway) (Just remember to turn it back on if it doesn't work)

Otherwise, I can't really think of anything else except that the drive is bust...


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I googled around and it seems like its a generally accepted answer (Seagate has not said officially) that the Momentus XT does not have G-Force Protection. But try turning SMS off anyway.

Thanks for that Gabe I'll try that out and let you post up how it goes... but one correction is that I did not install a new OS rather I cloned my old disc to the new one do you think that would make any difference ... should I try updating to 10.6

Oh yes... Try backing up your old drive via Time Machine and restore using time machin after you freshly installed OS X on the SSD.


What speed is the 500GB HD? 5400 or 7200?

As well, what speed was the HD you replaced?


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The new disc is 7200 is a hybrid as in it also has the SSD ad on ... the old disc was a 250gb 5400 rev ...



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