My RCA Galileo Pro keeps dropping it's internet connection.

I've tried a back up tablet to see if it was a internet problem. It wasn't. The Galileo disconnects the from the internet for just a few seconds and it happens quite frequently. Really tests my patience! Please help! Thank you.

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Have you tried the app "wifi manager" from the google play store?

Thank you for the reply to my question. I did install WiFi manager with high hopes. Unfortunately, it was not compatible with this tablet. Thank you for the suggestion.

It turns out all I needed to do to fix this problem was simply change the channel from "auto" to anything else from 1 to 11. I hope this helps anyone else who might be having the same problem.

What do you mean by do I find it.

hey my RCA tablet had a problem it's WI-fi cuts out and it takes like 5 or 4 minutes to come back plzz help


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Not sure if you have these options but go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > WiFi > tap menu icon (3 vertical dots upper right corner and tap Advanced.

1. Keep WiFi on during sleep - select Always

2. WiFi Optimization - disable


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Thank you for your reply unfortunately this did not work for me as either I don't have, or I could not find WiFi optionization. Thank you though and have a great day.


Mine always drops the WiFi, I end up have to unplug my router constantly to get it to come back on, but it doesn't take long then it drops again. I love how big the screen and detachable keyboard are but I am hating this tablet cause of the WiFi problems! Its weak, have even used another tablet to get to my WiFi router to put the pin in and nothing works, this tablet sucks!


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I always keep my phone on the end table while I'm using my RCA tablet, and I was having a similar problem. In my case, I have a mobile hotspot which provides internet access to my tablet. I resolved the issue by turning off the wifi searching device on my phone and the phone's data service while using the hotspot.


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