Windows 8.1 Startup Loop

Windows 8.1 Was working Perfect Today The Windows Wont Startup Keep Taking to the Automatic Repair page

Selecting Troubleshoot and advanced options gives various options to try and recover files, etc but cannot do anything as it says I am not signed in as an administrator and that there aren't any administrator accounts on this pc. I am also locked out of using command prompt through the advanced options. Choosing 'Forgotten your password or can't see your account' option results in the computer restarting. Prior to the attempted reset, I had access to all these options through my administrator account (which is now nowhere to be found)

SO the same error is ( there aren't any administrator accounts on this PC ) and The windows wont startup , I did a Copy of all Important Files By Using Kali-Linux Boo-table Usb But still we Cant Format Or change The HDD Coz of Important Info And Installed Programs

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