Screen replaced but new part is not turning on [updated LED behavior]

I broke my SGP311 screen display by dropping it. Glass was intact but LCD was not readable anymore because a lot of stripes appeared on the screen and you just could not see stuff. Then I bought a replacement part on Ebay and following this tutorial I replaced the old screen with the new one and performed a test with the new replacement screen without gluing it in place and it is not working even though:

  • when turning on, LED sequence executes properly.
  • even if the screen is black, I am sure the tablet is turned on at this point because my pc detects it via usb cable.
  • proper behavior also when turned off via power btn + vol up for 10 seconds.

As said, the tablet was working with the old broken screen, but now it's completely black with the new part. I suppose this is a faulty replacement part problem?

'''UPDATE: when the tablet is left turned on, at some point like after 30s or 1min, a blue notification light blinks, which is what happens when I detach the flex cable that connects the LCD to the motherboard.

How can I tell it's a faulty LCD and not a faulty flex cable?'''

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