Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi, released on March 16, 2012. Model Number A1416. Repair requires heating and careful prying.

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iPad 3 Restore Error 9


One of my customers brought in an iPad 3 (A1416) to me with a battery fault. It was completely dead when it arrived. The battery was replaced, and it powered on fine. Although it was disabled. I tried to restore it but I keep getting the error 9 message.

It seems to happen at the start of the restore process just after it is "extracting software". It resets, the progress bar appears on the ipad, then restarts again then I get the error 9 message in itunes. The progress bar doesn't even make it to 1%.

I have already tried a new charging port connector, multiple different official cables, both Windows and Mac computers, and I still have the same problem. I've used an OEM battery and an OEM charging port. I've even moved the logicboard to another ipad 3 but it's still coming up with the error 9 message.

Any ideas as to whats wrong with it? Any help will be greatly appreciated as I am all out of ideas. Also returning it to Apple is not an option.


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This is a nand memory fault and hardware related. The only solution is to have a technician with a nand programmer to rewrite the serial number to a new nand memory. It wont restore as the memory is damaged


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Hey tony, curious myself since you seem to have more experience with this issue. Reball is out of question with error 9?

Hi Stephen

The error is a serial number conflict with the underlying data stored on the nand. As the device was working prior to restore then it is not pp1v8. In my experience the underlying data is still on the nand but the data signal is not present on restore. For me it is better to rewrite the SN to a new or good nand than to do the job twice. A good programmer will show if there is a fault with the data signal. The fault is not with the balls or pads so no amount of reballing will solve. Most of my customers with nand faults opt to upgrade the memory while the nand is off so it makes sense to upgrade the capacity while undertaking the repair

Makes perfect sense. Always great to see an intelligent mind w/ experience on the subject. Thanks again!

thank you for the compliment Stephen



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