Cracked screen, unresponsive touch

So yeah, i accidently damaged my android device, which ended up on the screen cracking and it doesn't respond well to touch.

I'm uncertain on what do i exactly need to buy in order to fix it.

Is it this?

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The zenpad 10 touch screen is glued to the lcd, much like an iphone...You will more than likely end up ruining the lcd if you try to change just the touch portion. It is better to buy the whole assembly and replace the lcd at the same time. I say this from experience...doing one right now.


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If your LCD is not functioning then yes this is what you need but if you still have a picture that's right in all parts of the screen and the touch function is all that's wrong then you only need the digitizer similar to this

Hope this helps

BTW you can find tutorials if needed on youtube on how to replace both the digitizer or the full assembly . If you don't mind paying the extra the full display is easier to replace than just the digitizer


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Thank you very much for your answer, Jimfixer. After watching a few videos, it seemed to require special tools and being complicated, so i might just buy the whole thing. Thanks!

Hi I have the same problem, would you mind sharing a link of the videos you've watched please? I can't find any on YouTube with regards to my tablet (zenpad 10). Thanks in advance

Can you help share some good videos? The one or two ive found are lacking detail. I'm trying to replace the digitiser on a z300m


Hi I have just replaced the whole screen and digitiser and it's not responding to the touch any ideas thanks pat


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Hi is it possible to just replace the outer glass touch screen ?

My screen is cracked lcd is good and the whole assembly is pretty expensive but I don’t seem to find any videos teaching how to do it ...

I live in EU


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Virtually impossible. The touch is glued to the lcd. The only real way is a special machine with a thin heated wire that slides between the two. Swapping the whole assembly is pretty easy and the assembly runs about 50 US.

Yeah I figured it out

Problem is to buy from eu it gets expensive with shipping

Idk why but my tablet is z300m so it’s more expensive for this model than to other z300xx


I have the same issue with the model. If anyone can point me to the direction of a video (with audio explanation) on how to replace it that would be great.


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