Model M6497 or A1005 / 500, 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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Inverter cable or display cable

Following the repair instructions related to a black screen it is suggested to replace the

Inverter cable kit at $49,95, or just the data cable at $ 19,50.

Whats the big difference and why choose a much more expensive part if the less costly part will do the trick

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Hello Luciano, stop worrying about the English language.

Re: your G3 iBook. +++

This sounds crazy, BUT have you tried to place the Mac on your own lap and applying a strong pressure to the back of the computer. ( for example with your knee ).

The reason for this procedure is, that some G3's had their main CPU badly or haphazardly soldered into the main board. A pressure applied even on the outside of the Mac will force the tiny soldering tips of the CPU deeply into the main board.

There is a French page giving all the dope on this procedure.

Good luck


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If it is the inverter or inverter cable, you get a black screen with faint images.

If it is the data cable, you get a bright screen with no images.

I hope this helps!

UPDATE: looking at your The screen is black, it is definitely the inverter cable. If it was the data cable, your screen would be bright with no picture on it.


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Thanks a lot Ben,

The screen – with computer running – stays black as a grave. at present without a trace of images.

The problem started with a tendency where one should not try to bend the screen too far back.

If that was done the screen would shut off entirely.

Now it's entirely black.

Consequently I'll go for the Inverter cable kit.


Thats because either part can be the problem. You have to find out which one is causing you the problem.


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Since you don't see a faint image it means that you don't have light and video on this screen so i'll try to connect the ibook to an external monitor to check if the logic board is OK before ordering parts.


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Hello Lemerise,

Thanks for advice. The 12 inch G3, was brought to function for a while ( eight days in a row) by placing the screen in a very precise position. After closing it, there was no chance to get it back again.

I have started to take it apart ( no glitzes), and was amazed to notice an abrupt change of scenery between step 23 and step 24. I think one should procede to step 27, and then go on from there.

I have ordered cable at $49,50. If that does not solve the proble, I'm off to the dump with it.

Happy New Year



Hallo, I'm sorry for my bad english. I'm from Milan, Italy. I have an iBook PowerPC 12" 600 MHz (late 2001). Now, 1 minute after the start, the screen faints and many vertical stripes red and green appear, the trackpad doesn't run and everything stops.

What is the part I have to change? I hope to get my iBook new life. Is it possible? If you want, I can send images of the screen.

Thanks a lot for your help.


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From the description you gives the graphic chip integrated to your ibook logic board is faulty and you need to replace the logic board. This is a well documented issue for the ibook G3 line. If you want a proof for this diagnostic simply connect your ibook to an external monitor. If you get the same vertical stripes on the external then the logic board is bad.



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