AMP causing loud buzzing in any speakers connected

I've isolated the issue to amp, most likely a group loop but happened randomly and is extremely loud. I don't know how to trouble shoot this device as I'm a computer tech not a AV tech.

Please help <3

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Just querying, is "Active" the brand name of your system as there is not much info online except for an Auriga HT392-110 which somebody in NZ wanted to sell and sold?

Can you isolate it down further to whether it is in the right or left channel or whatever output configuration you have set up or whether it is even input type dependent?

Also loud buzzing is usually an earth problem so if you can open the amp check for leaky or bulging caps especially in the audio output stage - better if you can isolate down to a channel that way without a schematic you can trace back from the speaker connections to the board.

Also buzzing may (stress only may) be caused if your unit has output protection relays, that are not holding steady but are operating/releasing rapidly (vibrating) or perhaps the contacts could even be dirty causing high resistance path - rare but it happens. The output passes through the contacts of the relays to the speaker terminals.

Just some thoughts.