Asus laptop not turning on and no lights.

My Asus K55V laptop not turning on or no lights blinking when connected to power adaptor or with battery.

I shutdown and put it in charge overnight and morning it is not getting On.

Plz help....Thankz in advance ☺

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Did you do anything to the previous night that might affect it? Anything at all? Did you rock it, sock it, or pick it up and drop it? Did you install any software?

No i didnt. Juz put it on charge.


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lets understand this -

if you can't see any lights you can try removing the battery if possible and wait for like 2 min

remove any other usb or extra drive if it is connected to it

try changing the power outlet and check the charger just to make sure it is charging .

please follow this post see if this takes you anywhere .


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Ohh man thankz a lot. It worked now. Wat i need to do further ? Do i take dis to a service center or can u gv any suggestions??


Oh, I have this other solution to make your laptop ASUS on. (Based on my experience lol)

I used my laptop and do whatever and suddenly my laptop was shut down. I charged it and wait until the battery is full (The lights indicated)

After I plugged out the charger. I open my laptop and it didn't turn on.

So, starting that time, I didn't use my laptop for how many days, I guess 3 days or 4 days.

And I decided to open my laptop and boom! My laptop turn on.

That was my experience, and I'm so gladly that my laptop is baaaaack. ☺


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i have a solution for you. throw outr the f*ckin laptop. ive been sitting here for 8 hours waiting to turn it on with no results. not impressed asus. not impressed...

ps. you just lost a valuable customer


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please disregard my previous comment I have found the solution. for all those wondering the power button is what makes the computer start



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