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torn ribbon cable on ipad (help!)

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i have been fixing iphones, ipods, ipads, etc for some time now. I mainly focus on screen repairs. While removing the glass from the ipad mini I tore a cable in the top right corner near the rear view camera. Been searching online to find out what i tore and cant seem to find it so I came here seeking help. I can see that there are 2 solder points on the ribbon cable and i'm very tempted to soldering it but figured i would find out what it is before doing it. Please help asap would be great. thank you. below is a picture of the torn cable.

i'm not sure what cable this is i have been searching online can't seem to find what it is. picture [IMG]http://i65.tinypic.com/2mr8f1c.png[/IMG]

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your pictures arn't loading try this


is that better sir? sorry @jimfixer

before i had the ipad on and the screen was unresponsive. that may have been becuase the screen wasnt plugged in along with the digitizer? idk @tomchai


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If it's connected through a RF connector, it's an antenna, either for GPS or for cellular.

If it's a ZIF connector, it's the prox sensor, which is only used to shunt RF TX power to satisfy SAR regulations, in other words, useless.


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So do you think i should solder it or just say f it and leave it? lol




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