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What is the fourth antenna lead that connects to the wi-fi card?

Hi. There are four antenna leads that connect to the wi-fi / airport card in my Macbook Pro. While three of them are part of the Airport antenna assembly and can be easily replaced, the fourth, longest lead seems to originate from a mooring at the uppermost left of the Mac's bottom casing itself. I've damaged the delicate connector and need to replace it, but I don't know what the lead is called, what it does, or how to source a new one and effect the repair. Can anyone help?

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I figured it out. It is in fact the Bluetooth antenna, and it is indeed a separate module to the wi-fi assembly:


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That is the camera cable.. See this guide:

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012 AirPort/Bluetooth Board Replacement


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HI there. Thanks very much for your reply. I'm still confused though: I just tested the camera using Photo Booth and it's working fine, despite the fourth lead being broken / disconnected. I've just ordered a new antenna assembly, but that only has three connectors on it, whereas this fourth connector is an independent lead. All advertised replacements say 'ISight/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Antenna assembly' but none of them appear to include this lead. The teardown description doesn't mention it either. All it says is 'remove the four antenna cables'.

Sounds like you ordered the wrong part. Is the cable connector broken or the board?

The board is fine. I damaged the connectors while replacing the optical drive a few days ago - it's necessary to remove the Airport card before removing the optical drive. I'm pretty sure I ordered the right part - I checked it against the model mumber - A1286 - and that it was a fit for a mid 2012 15" Unibody Macbook Pro. As I said, the fourth connector appears to originate from a mount on the casing of the Mac that is separate from the other three connectors.



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