Computer won't turn on.

I turned the computer off and tried to turn it back on, but instead of turning on, the green power button started lighting on and of every so often. I took the battery out so it stopped flashing. When I put it back in, it was the same. I also noticed that when I click the power button, the light that says that "you are charging the computer" comes on and if i hold it, it stays on. When I actually charge it, it sometimes lights up and sometimes doesn't. Can you please help?

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What is the model number of your Vizio laptop?

Try the following:

Remove the charger, then remove the battery pack from the laptop.

Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds then release the button.

Connect the charger to the laptop and switch on the charger. (leave the battery out of the laptop at this stage).

Start the laptop.

If the laptop starts, allow it to boot all the way to the Windows desktop.

When the laptop has 'settled' down, (i.e HDD light is not continually on) shutdown the laptop in the normal way.

When the laptop has completely shutdown, switch off and remove the charger from the laptop.

Re insert the battery into the laptop, reconnect and switch on the charger and start the laptop.

If the laptop starts allow it to boot all the way to the Windows desktop. Once there check the charge state of the battery. If it is charging allow it to fully charge before switching off the charger and removing the charger from the laptop.


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It didn't work and the model number is PCG-51211L. Thanks

Hi, Is it a Sony? You listed it with Vizio in the question above.

Regardless, try removing the charger, removing the battery and then reseating the RAM module(s), i.e. remove the RAM module(s) from their slot(s) and re insert them. Then re-install the battery, connect the charger and try to switch on.

Umm, oops i ment vaio sorry. And what is a ram module?


A memory module (or RAM -Random Access Memory) is what the laptop or any computer uses to store temporary data so that it can function. Permanent data is stored on a HDD (hard disc drive).

Here is a link to the user manual for your laptop. It is the same guide for several models so do be alarmed that the model number is different on the 1st page.

Scroll to p.117 to view the pre requisites and procedures for removing the memory module. To install reverse the procedure. The module has a key slot so it only goes in one way. It should go in easily, do not force it. Make sure that it latches when fully inserted.

Ok, I did it and it still doesn't turn on. Thanks



kdcao1 try removing one stick of memory at a time and try booting with just one stick in at a time . If there is only one stick see if you can get another dimm of memory and try it . This is often what happens when memory fails . you may also want to try connecting an external monitor to make sure the problem isn't the screen . When you start the machine does it beep ? If so what are the beeps, long or short, how many beeps? Does it flash the bios screen?


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what do you mean "one stick of memory" sorry? Thanks And no beeps, external moniter, nothing

If your laptop has t dimm of memory pull one at a time and test to see if it works if theres no joy put it back and pull out the other one . your testing to see if one dimm or stick of memory has gone bad . however some laptops only have one dimm so if this is your case try to find a stick of memory to test in the laptop

How do you take off the memory cards? Thanks

Sorry was thinking this was sony Vaios, the Vizio has soldered in memory and is not removable

Hi @jimfixer ,

He got it wrong. The model he has and number he gave when questioned is for a Sony. Vizio was listed in the question by mistake. See his comments in my answer section.



Hi , I put my laptop Sony VAIO in charge and when I came to turn it on , it’s not getting on , plz help me the model number is vpcsb31fx


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I have a similar problem, I haven’t used my Laptop for a month or so did you ever solve on how to power it on?


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No, sorry I didn’t, I just ended up buying a new laptop.



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