The Xbox One S, designed by Microsoft Corporation, was released on August 2016. The Xbox One S is a redesign of the Xbox One.

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XBOX ONE S Upgrade/Replace Internal Hard Drive


Is there instructional Video or Sheet on How do You replace & UPGRADE XBOX ONE S 500GB hard drive with a larger capacity 1TB Hard Drive like a WD SSHD one, I have used a SSHD one on older style of XB1 unit with the media hub? but Since the new XB1 S has a Sata III cable internally now i'm hopin someone has figured out how to upgrade the XB1 S unit.

Thank You

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Hi my name is m I have put a 850 Samsung pro in my Xbox one s it is so


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There is no definitive guide yet but if you pretty much follow the teardown to step 9 skipping 7&8 you should in theory be able to swap the drive out but do note that because most of the case is clipped onto the metal frame that you may not be able to put it back together If you brake the clip tabes (and you will void the warranty) so "enter at your own risk" kinda deal.

Also something i have notice is if you put all your games on an external drive it helps a lot as the only thing accessing the internal drive is the os and with all the game external loading is faster as it has no os tasks I.E. the xbox can read from both drives at the same time for there designated taskes

EXAMPLE: fallout 4 used to be installed on my internal drive before i got my external, the load times were about 1-2 min. And loading things like the guide toke forever to load but after i got the external the game loads a lot faster about 20-80 sec. and the guide loads almost instantly hope i could help


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P.S. If you do decide to open it up take Pictures and make a guide!

P.P.S. You can use a SSD external drive and then game loading is lightning fast

Thanks for the info, Ya I will wait a few months right bfore warranty is expired bfre I attempt,, i have a WD Blue SSHD attahced w. a external case for the drive which does load games abit faster.

PS -i also found a vid by a guy called XFiX that shows how to replace the internal drive along with a script that appears to work very well. Here is link below for ppl who would like to attempt.

XFiX-vid to replace/partition XB1 S internal Drive

Glad I could help would you please except this as the answer?


Just get a USB3 external drive or adapter. It is entirely pointless to open up the console and upgrade the drive. It's too much effort and voids warranty.


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True, it will void the warranty, but it isn't pointless to upgrade the drive. Just like any computer, to should improve speed and responsiveness. My personal experience with original Xbox one tell me it's quite slow loading apps.

What if u damage the internal drive?

You replace it.

Just plug on an external USB 3

3.5 external drive like a whopping 6TB I've recently just upgraded a ps3 fat 55 gig hdd to 500gig sshd bara cuda hdd 2.5 9mm form factor it's a lot of messing around but it's easier to replace than an Xbox one s drive it's clipped in

Just plug in the USB port on the front of Xbox one s and let x box one s detect your 6T external drive and it should let u format the drives it Shoukd be NTFS file format it's easy


It's not worth it. Just attach an ssd using a micro USB. This will cut loading times in half


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Okey, but 256gb ssd does not hold much games since they can be quite big.


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Hi guys my xbox was lagging at home screen,so i decided to recet now my xbox cant boot up , so i removed the toshiba 500 gb drive from my bricked ps3 nd nw my xbox only boots to recovery mode , dou i dounloaded the osu1 update and put it in a 3.0 usb it still wount update keep displaying process failed what d i do . .pls i need helpful infoo



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