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Hard Drive Chopping Sounds

Before, my hard drive was making a strange sound. I did a bit of research, and found out that the head is most likely stuck on the platter. I decided to open up the drive, and sure enough it was. I put it back into my computer and tried to boot into windows. It seemed like there was a problem, as the windows 10 logo would come, it would say diagnosing and went on like this for hours. I decided to boot into linux and try and backup the contents of the hard drive. However, before doing that, I was extremely stupid and decided to open the hard drive again. I'm not 100% sure why and what I did, but now it is making weird chopping sounds and not being recognised by the computer.

I have uploaded a recording of the noise here:

I have a feeling the actuator is unable to move onto the platter.

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Adithya the drive will likely never be able to run as a drive with an OS. However if you connect the drive via external hard drive enclosure you may be able to recover data all is not necessarily lost . You probably created bad sectors when you moved the actuator arm across the platters. When you moved the arm did you turn the platters? if not you may have damaged the arm itself in which case the arm will be toast . If the arm returns to the stuck position then there also no point in continuing . but thisvideo could be of some assistance to you .Once again you wont be able to depend on the hard drive to boot up an OS but you may be able to rescue data from it.


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Yes I did turn the platters when moving the arm. However, there is probably some damage done to the arm/heads as they are making a sound that seems to be that they are unable to move onto the platter. When I boot from Linux, the drive is not recognised. Shall I buy an enclosure or is there no point. There is not that much important information on the drive so I'm not too concerned.

Oh and that video was the exact video I followed.

if your not looking for recovery I would not bother with the drive . Ive never had a drive that was dependable at all after having a stuck arm

Well data recovery is preferable, but it is probably not going to be possible.


Well, you just said the problem yourelf. You opened your hard drive. Unless you did this in a 'clean room', that has almost guaranteed to have detroyed the destroyed it.

One fleck of dust could have taken out quite a few tracks as it gets picked up by the head and dragged all over the place. You could probably get away with opening it in a non clean room if the drive was empty and you did a surface scan after closing it and reallocated all the newly-bad sectors, however even that would be very risky.


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Nothing can save it by now. If you open up the drive, you kill it, no ifs buts or maybes.


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@tomchai I for one have opened hard drives to track off actuator arms . If done properly data can be retrieved from the drive . I dont do it in a clean room as I dont have one and yes there is a good chance I'm creating bad sectors but opening the drive is not a sure kill . This drive will never be a reliable drive but it is possible to recover data after returning the arm to the landing tray



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