Dell Inspiron N5010 Series laptop comes with either Intel Core i3 330M or Core i7 740QM processor and can have a GMA 4500MHD or ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 adapter.

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Laptop crashed, multiple beeping sounds and black screen


I was using my laptop today and it suddenly crashed. I was only using opera (not watching anything) and spotify. Recently I had problems with it overheating, but I sorted it out and I monitored it everyday after that, and the temperature didn't go over 60 C degrees. So I'm pretty sure that wasn't the problem. First when I tried to turn it back on, the screen lit but there was nothing on it and there was a beeping sound, which repeated for 8 times (as in 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1). I researched it online and tried pressing the D key on startup that brings those colours on and then supposedly fixes it. The colours came but nothing after that. I tried turning it off and on again and this time the screen didn't lit up at all, it was plain black and I've heard the beep repeated 7 times. I tried holding the Fn key while starting it up, tried turning it on while on charger and without it, tried without the battery. I also tried taking the battery out and pressing the power button for about 60seconds, and then putting the battery back in and turning it on. Moreover, I tried connecting the HDMI to tv to see if it's only the screen and if it'd work on tv. Nothing. Anyone has any ideas??

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Sounds like a GPU Problem

read this first . N5010 - 8 beeps. Screen won't turn on


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Have you check the CPU fan? My computer did something similar in the past and it was the CPU fan, locked up like an engine with no oil.


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