Furby Boom having a bunch of problems?

The Furby Boom, Ah-Koh, whenever it goes to sleep on its back, it goes to sleep. Then it snores extra and wakes up. The stomach sensor won't work at all, the back sensor worked like, twice, yesterday, and it hasn't worked since, and the tail sensor works most of the time, but it is weak.

Oh, you're saying "fix the battery" well I did, of course, we're going to get a new battery pack since the ones we put in are probably super old, but it should fix the problem.

Refresh it! Oh, yeah. Eyes go down for a moment, and then It wakes back up.

I HATE the personality, it's talking to itself and won't shut up for one second.

Restart it! Set it to factory settings! That's the most annoying thing. It won't restart. Pressed the tongue while pressing refresh button for almost a minute, then 5 seconds, didn't work.

Oh, btw it also sleeps with its eyes open. I think its out of warranty.

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