Apple发布于2012年9月12日的第六代iPhone,维修时与前代型号一样,需要螺丝刀和撬棒。iPhone 5以多种版本销售:通讯制式有GSM/CDMA;存储容量有16/32/64G;颜色有黑/白。

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iPhone is disabled in 46 years

iphone 5G 32GB, from os 9.3.2 and updated to os 10.0.2, ive been trying this step twice (If you changed the date to May 1970 or earlier and can’t restart your iPhone),it was updating iphone os with itunes, and when the update is complete iphone still disabled, without emergency call, just black screen and this, iphone is disabled try again in 46 years, 9 months, 1 day, 50 minutes. and in the itunes said "iTunes could not connect to the iphone "igfados" because it is locked with a passcode. you must enter your passcode on the iphone before it can be used with iTunes. how am i supposed to type the passcode if the iphone is disabled? is there any way to fix it without erasing the data? theres a lot important thing on my iphone, please help me quickly to fix this, thanks for your attention.


it happen to me since i remove the iphone battery,

before it was updated, it says iphone is disabled try again in 24 million minutes,

the iphone is not in jailbrake,

maybe if iphone is jailbroken i could fix with it with ssh over usb,

and please give me an advice what should i do to prevent any problem coming,

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how do I get my iPhone working again. I had a new battery and my phone has been disabled for 47 years how do I get rid of it. I aren't bothered if loose data.

+Adam Lowe perhaps if u do not turn off the wireless connection like wifi and mobile data, u should insert ur working card or connect to a wifi and they will start updating the date time, +davecall that's the only hope for makin ur iphone to work again, but i prefer to let my iphone hangin like this, probably there is a solution in the future or i just let it this way.


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What has happened is that the date and time has been reset due to the battery being unplugged.

Once that happens, your only options to resynchronize the date and time is the use of internet connection to the phone or plug into iTunes.

First start off with having a sim card that has cellular data enabled, date and time will only sync automatically when the phone has airplane mode disabled and cellular data enabled with an sim card. If the phone automatically connects to a Wi-Fi network the date and time will synchronize too.

If you are able to disable airplane mode and enable Wi-Fi from the bottom pull up bar (forgot what they call it) do that if you do have a sim card installed or a known Wi-Fi network saved on the phone.

Last resort is to do upgrade via iTunes first and if that does not work I'm afraid you will have to do a restore which will wipe all data and the only backup you can use is iTunes restore backups via iTunes if the phone has been synchronized or used on iTunes before.


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thanks for an answer ben, but after updating iphone via itunes to ios 10 the iphone only show 46 years cooldown time without showing signal bar and the battery percentage, so i cant do much anything about it, it seem that i disabled the wifi and cellular data and last time i remember that i didnt enable the airplane mode, ill never gonna use a restore mode because i prefer to keep the data instead doing wiping it, so is there any way ? maybe changing iphone date time by exploring iphone file with usb cable via macbook and change it or maybe desolder iphone memory chip nand and weld it with keys support with multi lga 52/60 then explore file and change the date time? , ill do any step to make my data back, and but ill never using restore step because i never giving upon it. Oh yeah i forgot to say that I still remember the 4 digit passcode, thanks for your attention

cant it be downgraded and fixing the problem? because i have a file name "iPhone5,2_9.3.5_13G36_Restore.ipsw"

Nope. System files for security will still display iPhone disabled issue, even after doing an update to a later OS (Sometimes you may be lucky with it working but you can't downgrade as Apple has blocked off downgrading older firmware).

thanks for your advicement, its helps

@benjamen50 Yeah the date time has been reset due to battery remove, the thing is, i forgot to mention that before everything happens, i turn off the mobile data and wifi connection(i dont know why am i doing that), i already inserted my working t-mobile card, but still the iphone navigation bar somehow cannot be pulled up, im not able to do anything, its just this thing tellin me to wait for 46 years, guess im fucc'd up now.



Did you try disconnecting the battery again?


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That won't help. Battery disconnection resets the RTC (real time clock) causing the date and time to reset to 12:00 AM 1/1/1980 which is the system default time which will just reset the time to that time again.

i do that multiple times, but h3ll it wont work


This occurred to me wile repairing a clients phone it happens when the device is locked out for a period of time and then you pull the battery witch resets the date and time so when you power it back in it shows a insane amount of time the fix is to put a working sim in the device and reboot it and all should be fine.


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yeah, but i turn of the wireless connection, so it wont work man


If phone still disabled after reboot with working sim, use RecBoot to put phone in recovery mode and then out of recovery more. Works here :-)


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it will work even if it wireless connection disabled? without wiping the data too?



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