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Logic board, heat sink, GPU, or simple issue?

My MacBook won't charge a new battery, and won't make it past the loading startup screen once I log on, without a battery.

I recently needed to replace the battery and have tried 3. I started without a battery once, accidentally (didn't connect it) and it worked. I'm guessing it's the logic board.

Could it be anything else?

I replaced the MagSafe charger but not the internal connection to the logic board. Because it gives a green light and begins turning on, I figured that part was fine.

My question is do you think it's the logic board? The book has been running hot so the heat sink could have caused damage but I couldn't tell.

Update (10/06/2016)

Ok, guys. I thought I'd follow up. I bought the product above and it arrived today. I bought the proper year. And it didn't resolve anything. Same issues. I made a small video of what's happening but not sure if I can post it somewhere here. Any other ideas on what this could be, or do you think the logic board is toast?

Update (10/12/2016)

Ok so I took it to a shop and they said it was hard drive failure.

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What is the emc and model number? That way we can identify your machine. (Hey @mayer I sound like you! Lol)

@gigabit87898 You're getting there ;-) Now give them the link to where they can plug in their serial number to get that info.

If he tells you it's a 2011 or 2012, are you going to tell him about the repair extension program? Do you need to know how far the loading progress bar has gone to help determine where the problem may be? Do you need to know about beach balls running or possible screen anomalies?

It's an early 2011 unibody 15" MacBook Pro, not Retina display. 75% of progress bar before it dies. No beach balls. Warranty etc is expired.

Happy to here is was the drive! Basically, what was happening was as I described below but unlike most drive which just stop working yours was on the edge neither working or failing hard. A rarity of a condition! Sometimes when the SATA cable degrades it messes up the drive too.

@dan Actually, I had the drive replaced but it still doesn't function properly. I've ordered a new charger and a new battery. Although, I don't think that's the issue. I'm afraid it's the logic board as I still can't get the computer to run on the battery or charge it. It does get hot so it could be a heat sink issue, I've ordered so thermal glue.


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It will be a logic board issue, hard drive has nothing to do with charging. Has the laptop got wet at any point. Find a shop that does board level repair and have them fix it. I see a couple a month and it's not that big of deal when you know what to look for. It does require a multimeter, board schematic and rework station (hot air and fine tip iron). Also you want thermal paste not glue for the heating issue, clean the fans and heatsinks meticulously. They have both but glue is permanent. For the not booting start with the cable as others have said, also if possible test the hard from another computer to make sure that's not the problem.


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@ripper do repair logic boards? I'm not ready to take that project on.

Advanced Computer Resources in So Cal.


As Mayer pointed out above Apple has a repair program to replace under extended warranty the HD SATA cable as they have a high failure rate with them. I would visit either an Apple Store or Certified Apple service center to have them replace it. It will be a free repair.

If you can't get to either, you can replace it too. Here's the IFIXIT guide: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Early 2011 Hard Drive/IR Sensor Cable Replacement and here's the part you'll need: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2012) Hard Drive Cable - Apple P/N 923-0084

In addition, I would recommend getting this app: TG Pro for less than $20 US its well worth it! With the full version it should guide you on whats a miss on your overheating problem. Post a screenshot of the main screen so we can see it too. Then we can help guide you which way to go here.

More often than not, the issue is the SATA cable if the system is clean and the fans are in good shape. Yep! What happens here is your system gets into a battle between the HD and the CPU as the data is being saved or read from the drive. Each block has a CRC checksum so when the CPU checks it it finds the data blocks CRC doesn't match so it does the action again and again ... Now think about 1000's of data blocks failing before you know it you have an escalating battle between them which then heats up both the CPU & HD as each is firing off more and more blocks each failing needing a retransmission.

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2012) Hard Drive Cable张图片


MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2012) Hard Drive Cable



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Hi I'm just looking for that extended repair program for the SATA ribbon. Don't see it on apples official list.


Correct! It's not listed their, Apple also has extended warranty programs which are not publicly announced, this is one of them. You may need to bend the managers ear a bit. @mayer has his local Apple Store well trained ;-}

@dan thanks. I'll try the cable and see if it works. Unfortunately, I can't download apps until I can get it to turn on. I did restart and run a small test by pressing some keys (recommended on here somewhere) and it came up with an disk1: I/o error. I couldn't interpret it, maybe someone can tell me if it's related or not.


@danj That cable replacement is on the 13" 2012 model. The other ones they know about but may give you a hard time about.

Personally I would have it tested for this issue and see if they will still honor it,

especially if it stops at the mid way loading point right when the GPU drivers are loading:



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I don't have any of those symptoms. Not sure if that matters...

Have it tested. If it fails and you get a new logic board, your issue may be solved. If you wait and the program expires (which it close to doing) then take a video of you kicking your own butt after it does fail. Please post the video.

@mayer I contacted apple and they want 600+$ without even looking at it. I was told on the phone they would look for free and then send me info about charges after the looked at it. Breakdown of fees 100$ labor, flat rate 2 repair 475.00$, plus shipping and taxes. I guess I don't qualify for that program.

That's outrageous! A flat rate Apple repair is $357 with taxes and shipping.

Google and see if you can find an old guy like me with an excellent reputation and have him look at it.


I'd checked for grounding / Faulty connection between the logic board and battery. Sounds like the Mac is defiantly having hardware issues.

Also not sure if you need to for batteries but most hardware swap outs require a PRAM reset.


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I have reset pram, and a handful of other start up tricks. I'm confident there's a hardware issue, just not sure which piece is causing trouble

@omri - Did you see Mayer's comment above? This system has a known issue with the HD SATA cable which is the likely issue here.

Just saw it now, Yes I can confirm these models have a massive issue with the sata ribon cable, I have two macbook pros 2011 & 2009 sitting at my house awaiting parts to fix this issue.

Not sure how it would effect the battery however, I would do a control test with a friends macbook cable that you know works.



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