Released February 2016, the Vivo 5 features a full metal body—a first for a BLU phone.

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Vibrate to confim connection but wont charge

i got a brand new Blu Vivo 5 phone couple weeks ago as a gift and it was fine. last night i was using it and it had to charge i connected it to my laptop and it was charging then suddenly it just shut off and wont charge. it keeps telling me power is low and it just wont charge whenever i connect it to my laptop i would hear when it connects then disconnects if i use the wall adapter to charge it the phone would vibrate but then not charge and i dont know whats wrong. i really need this phone cause its my primary phone so any answers that can help would be fine.

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if it won't charge off laptop port but vibrates when connected to wall wart likely the battery charge is just too low and you need to leave it plugged into wall for 15 or so minutes

i have the same problem, i believe i am going to have to buy a new cable, this is my second phone with the same problem i will not being buying a new BLU , this is it..

My Vivo 5 does the same thing. I have tried new cords, connectors, new Cigarette Outlet connectors, a combination of both cords & connectors, as well as different Outlets throughout the house. the phone will not register that it is charging & it wont charge. it has been on the charger for the past 5 weeks... any help?

I ended up buying a new phone, Vivo 8. I've had it for 8 Days. The 1st day after the battery was pretty low.. below 5% I charged it, it reached 100%. the 2nd 3rd & 4th day the highest it charged was 99%. the 5th 6th & 7th day it got to 98%, & today the 8th day it got to 97%. with it being a brand new phone why wont it charge to 100%? With both phones I followed the instructions & let the phone practically die before charging it. then I made sure it stayed on the charger until it was done but seems to keep going down in %. when I turn the phone off & back on again what the phone said it still says.. for example it shows 97% when I take it off the charger I restart the phone it's still at 97.


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Try to find a charger with a high amperage. Sometimes Android phoned need to get some serious juice pumped into them before they will power up. If you can't find one, look for a hard wired Micro USB phone charger (non-detachable cable). This issue has happened to me several times with various phones and it has worked. Also, leave it on the charger for a while.


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I bought a new cable for it and it actually got it to charge

rojan robinson, what kind of charger did you get? I have the same phone and it's completely dead. Can't get it to charge. Bout 4 heavy duty chargers and non works


i actually have the same problem with my vivo 5 but then i have found a solution and now it is working pretty well..

i brought BLU Vivo 5 Fast Charge USB Type-C Kit! True Quick Charging uses dual voltages up to 50% faster charge!

$ 18 77

& Free Shipping

in amazon of course.. hope i help you with your problem..

good luck..


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I did go ahead and put it on a charger directly into the wall and finally got it to charge. I've ordered this kit and it should be here today. Thanks for the help.


My phone is a BLU vivo 5r and I had it for about a month now. And just a couple days ago, it's starting to act weird with charging. I went through 6 charger cords and it won't charge properly. Right now it's at 20% and its plugged in. It's been at 20% for about two hours now. It's not charging. I have never had a issue like this and I'm not sure what to do. Any answers please?


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mine absolutely refuses to charge. its been on several different chargers now and has beed dead for days. has anyone figured this problem out yet?



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