Updated version of the 2015 Retina MacBook. Model A1534, EMC 2991.

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Spinning wheel after waking up from sleep

Hello IFixit,

This does not happen often (once per 1-3 weeks) but when I flip on my cover and wake up the Macbook, it would go to a spinning wheel situation and won't let me type my password.

Have anyone encountered a similar problem?

P.S: I'm on El Capitan 10.11.6, didn't upgrade to Sierra because of incompabilities.

Thanks, Charlie

Update (09/24/2016)

Just to recap on this question:

The problem I have with my Mac is that once in a while (normally 2 to 3 weeks or more) the computer will just want to hang on resume (wake up/open the lid etc.) before typing anything or while typing. It will show a beachball just spinning there and not responding.

So, I can try your solutions, but I just can't troubleshoot and see if it actually worked. I'm trying to find someone that might have the same problem with me, if that is so then it might be a software issue.

But please don't stop giving me any suggestions during your free time, I really appreciate it!

Thank you,


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I highly recommending getting Apple Care and extending your warranty for two years on any Mac that you have problems with during the first year.


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Most likely your SSD doesn't have enough free space. Clear out as much as you can for a 256 GB system 1/3 needs to be empty and a 512 or larger 1/4 needs to be free.

The problem is the OS needs to use the drive for virtual RAM and some apps also use paging which becomes more of an issue with a limited RAM system (only has 8 GB) when you are trying to run large programs.

So when you restart your system the low level OS actions (in some cases the SSD its self) needs to do the needed housecleaning to prepare the storage space which is why you see the beachball.


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i have a 256 gb ssd on my mac, and it shows that I have over 185 gb free on my disk. So disk space should not be a problem. I have tried to reset the NVRAM thingy and the SMC, but no luck.

BTW, this only happens once in a while. Without the problem, wake up/resuming is very quick and snappy.

Any other people with this problem or have a solution?

Thank you for your effort though!:)

Are you creating or deleting a large quantity of files? If you are, then thats just the housekeeping function popping up. Unlike HD's SSD's need to do this.

I should also add web browsing will do this too as the pages you visit are cached and over time are purged. The more fidelity the page has Pics/Vids the more likely the cache file needs to be flushed.

Try this before you put the system into sleep mode in Safari go to the menu option Clear History ... clear it give the system a bit of time now put it to sleep. The next time you wake the system up it should have the snap.

I have tried to clear the history, waited about 10 seconds then put the computer into sleep, but it doesn't get stuck! Any other suggestions?

I'm confused here? If it didn't show the beachball thats a good thing right?

How about recapping the problem as I think we're going down the wrong path here.


Please deactivate your icloud for a while. Does it still do it?

It might want to go online and can't


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Good Point! If it can't call home it pouts ;-}

The main problem is that I can deactivate ICloud but I just can't see if it worked for the problem since I have no idea when in the world it is going to happen. I'll try that though! Thanks!

Anyone with other similar issues or solutions!

I just want to show my gratitude to the two people that have given me possible solutions so quickly, I never knew Ifixit can be even better than Apple Support!



I'm having this symptom on an orphan copy of OSX 10.6.8.

A repair shop has asked for a 10 minute video of the beach-ball.

It would be interesting if there was a recovery procedure that produced more information than disgracefully powering off the machine.


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Arthur Please start an new question as I think your machine is much older and you are going to have different issues than a 2016 machine and 10.11.6. This is a totally different generation of machine and OS.



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