Apple发布于2012年9月12日的第六代iPhone,维修时与前代型号一样,需要螺丝刀和撬棒。iPhone 5以多种版本销售:通讯制式有GSM/CDMA;存储容量有16/32/64G;颜色有黑/白。

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Why is my phone's A6 chip getting hot?

My iPhone 5's A6 chip is getting hot even when i just turn it on and when i'm not using it. The battery drains super fast, but the battery works fine (I plugged it into a different iPhone 5 and it was fine). It charges really slow too and only charges with a specific adapter from 30 pin Apple plug to lightning and it says the other cables aren't certified by Apple, even an official Apple cable and won't charge at all if it dies. If it does i have to charge it till it turns on with a different phone then put it back. Should I just get a new circuit board? I've replaced the charging port already and the battery is from iFixit.

I also upgraded to iOS 10 and it didn't change anything and i've calibrated the battery.

So to sum up: hot A6 chip, very fast power draining, slow charging, only charges with one cable adapter.

Thank you to anyone who replies!

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I've already done all the simple stuff like closing all the apps and stuff like that and it didn't work. I'n not an amateur, I know the basics. This problem is just beyond me because there are so many problems at once. I meed a more expert answer.


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What is happening?

When something (chip or other) is shorted on the logic board, it can cause power to be rushing to ground, and consuming power from the battery very fast and causing overheating of the board. Thus causing some or all of the above.

Now for the iPhone 5:

The iPhone 5 was the first iPhone to which Apple introduced a chip infamously known as U2 (google it).

It is responsible for telling the phone what is plugged into it (car charger, wall charger, computer, etc.) and consequently what the phone should do next (start charging from wall charger, start communicating with computer, etc.).

U2 gets easily damaged on the iPhone 5 and can cause ALL the symptoms you are talking about. It is the most likely culprit in this case, although as said first, anything shorting on the board can have similar consequences.

This signature failure is not easy or cheap to remedy because the chip is located right next to the CPU which can very easily be damaged (actually the solder joints underneath it) from the heat required to replace U2.

So if you are sure your battery is not causing fast drain and heating on another known good phone, then your issue is as described above.


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OK thanks. When I had it open I checked where the heat was coming from and it was coming from the metal plate over the A6 so if the U2 is there too then that probably is it. Thank you very much!

Note that during boot and sometimes during charging the CPU can get hot directly or indirectly.


You have apps running in the background.

Which is draining your battery.

Double click the main button at center bottom.

When the icons come up.

Hold finger down on one icon.

Shut off the apps by X'ing on the icons

Go to settings and turn off location. That drains the power constantly.


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i have ios 10 not 6 and I have everything closed and it doesn't change anything



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