The Nokia X6 is a music-oriented capacitive touchscreen smartphone and portable entertainment device by Nokia.

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How I can open my Nokia X6 device?

I would to open my Nokia X6 device , how can i do that ?

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When you figure it out, photo-document how it's done, and make a guide for it.

This is also a very excellent publish which I really experienced studying. It is not everyday that I have to be able to see something like..




Here's the Service Manual on how to do it:


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thanks for the link mayer.. saved me loads of hassel!

Thanx a lot.


Right off the bat expel the battery for no less than 5 minutes and afterward supplant and check whether that has any effect. At that point take a stab at expelling the sim card and check whether that has any effect.

At that point attempt the "3 finger profound reset". With the telephone controlled off, discourage and hold these three keys at the same time Green(call) key + Red (end call) key *Camera keys squeezed at the same time on catalyst and after that control on telephone utilizing the on/off catch while keeping the three keys discouraged until the point when you hear start-up tone.

This should ONLY be done if the gadget doesn't control up typically any longer and it wipes everything in the Phone memory that isn't a piece of the ROM. So you will lose every one of your information except if you have recently completed a reinforcement.


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