LCD or Digitizer damaged?

I dropped my samsung galaxy s4 and now the screen is black. It turns on and I can hear the touch screen responding fine, just can't see anything - all black. I can see a crack but it seems to be below the screen maybe? Doesn't look as superficial as most screen cracks I see. Dude at the verizon store said it is the digitizer but I just want to get input elsewhere before ordering. Thanks in advance for responses!

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Hi @knhoffman. Since it sounds like your touch pad is still functioning, I would guess that it is your LCD that is broken.

That being said, the LCD and digitizer tend to be sold as a single unit and it generally makes more sense to replace both parts at the same time. We have a great repair guide that shows you how: 三星盖乐世S4屏幕面板替换

If you want a little more information, a very similar question was asked before that got a lot of great replies. It may be helpful to take a look: Front glass broken, do I need Glass, LCD or Digitizer?


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