Why won't my laptop recognize my battery/AC adapter?

One day, I decided to use the Lenovo Battery Management and full charge/discharge my battery. The next morning, the battery was discharged, but my laptop couldn't recognize the AC adapter. After trying a number of things, I discovered that my laptop can only charge if I:

1. Take out the battery & AC adapter.

2. Plug in the AC adapter to a wall outlet.

3. Plug the power cord into my laptop.

4. Turn on the laptop

5. Re-attach the battery.

The battery will now charge. But if I disconnect the AC adapter from the laptop or the wall socket, I will have to shut down my laptop and repeat the above steps to charge my battery. Thank you very much in advance and I hope you can solve my problem!

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Hi @whyskevin

Do you let it charge to 100%? What happens if you allow it to run down to 90% and then reconnect the charger?

Here is a link to the Service Manual for your laptop. Scroll to p.21. The steps show the procedure what is necessary to what I think may 'reset' the power system. Try this when you have fully charged the battery. I may be wrong, just a thought.