Repair and disassembly guides for Sony DVD players.

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dvd won't play and door will not open

dvd doesn't play and door will not open to remove disk

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Hey my DVD won't play movies . how can I fix it? My DVD is a sony brand blue ray player

Hi @sebrina mikul

What happens when you insert the disc?

Do you get an error message of any kind?

Can you hear the disc spin up?

If the disc spins up have you tried cleaning the laser lens (example only) in the disc player?

What have you tried?

What is the model number of the player?

When I put my disc in it will spin up then stop. I tried to take it apart. But I didn't

And it has nothing to Do with the disc it's self. Its the blue ray player

Hi @sebrina mikul,

Try cleaning the laser lens using a lens cleaning disc (example shown in link I posted). This is a non invasive method to clean the lens. A dirty lens prevents the disc from being 'read'.



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What is the model number of your DVD player?

You can try power resetting the unit and check if it helps. To power reset, turn OFF the DVD player and unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet for 30 seconds. Plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet and turn the player ON. Attempt to open the disc tray.

If this doesn't work and since you do not state the model number of your DVD player, try the following:

Simultaneously press the POWER + STOP + EJECT buttons. If the disc tray still does not open, simultaneously press the DISC1 + STOP + EJECT buttons.

NOTE: This step may not apply to all models as DISC1 is not available on all DVD players.

If this does not work and if the DVD player has DISPLAY and PREV buttons, press and hold the DISPLAY+PREV buttons for two seconds to unlock the drawer.


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I was able to get the door open and remove the dvd, but when I inserted a blank to record, it won't format. Just get loading message that doesn't go away. Dvd gets stuck again.

Model is a sony vx511 vhs dvd combo.

Hi @mowens5039,

Can you play a pre recorded DVD OK?

Have you tried a different DVD disc?

Have you tried cleaning the DVD laser pickup lens using a commercially available lens cleaning kit?

I have a sony blu ray disc player BDP-BX2... The tray will not open & I have tried the reset & unlock procedures, yet it will not open... There is no disc in the tray


Hi @jrcofie ,

There may be a disc still in the tray and is stuck there.

Try the following:

Turn off the power. There should be a small hole near the DVD player opening bezel (flap that opens when tray comes out). Use a straightened paper clip and insert it gently into the hole. It should cause the tray to come out just far enough so that you can grab it and gently pull it further out to see if there is anything on the tray.


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