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Won't turn on at all

Came home my MacBook Pro was powered off, plugged in the MagSafe charger, I let sit overnight plugged in.

In the morning I turned the system on but wouldn't let accept my password, turned off won't power back up now, tried SMC reset,

The MagSafe charger didn't change from Amber Green

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It was asleep I'm guessing I wasn't home, I came back and it was off, after the password issue I clicked the power down icon on the login screen. It does nothing at all and I tried that I get no change in the light on the charger




Please provide more detail according to following points:

  1. Macbook was off? sleep or shutdown? also what state had you left it in last time you used it?
  2. After it didn't accept your password, did you force shut down or shut down normal way?
  3. "won't power back up" what happens when you press the power button? the screen just stays blank, or you get some sort of display?

You could also try resetting your NVRAM by pressing (cmd-option-P-R) at the same time and pushing the power button. don't let go of these keys until you hear startup chime TWO times.

Lastly, try booting from a USB drive or DVD disk with Mac OS installed on it.

Update (08/23/2016)

@ssdw if that's the case I would try to reset NVRAM and also SMC. The instructions for that are given on these sites


if that dosent work, then I'm afraid its a hardware problem likely to do with your logic board or display.


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If the logic board is bad where do I find one and will I loose what's on the hard drive?

@ssdw no you will not loose your hard disk data.

However I just realized that the problem could be keyboard(the password was wrong and the power button is in the keyboard).

so when you try to turn It on try to listen for hard disk whirring noise or fan noise when you start it up.

Tried the nvrm and I still get no chime no noise no nothing



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