Cadillac Eldorado problem ater over-passing the VAT's key sys

hello ,

My 1994 CADILLAC ELDORADO's Dashboard stopped working after over-passing the VAT's key sys by cutting an orange wire that reads the Ohm value of the built in resistor on the key , so i directly installed a similar ohm value directly connected to the wire and the car started .

1- the cars battery was dead so we had to pulse it using another battery

2- i first installed the resistor in parallel with the wire before cutting it but the car wasnt starting .

3- smoke came from the car's Dashboard and a smell of burning plastic or electronic components (we removed the battery that was pulsing the car and placed them back)

4- before placing the battery i cut the orange wire that was coming from the steering wheels and placed the resistor to the computer interface .

5- the car started but the Dashboard was dead (speed ,rpm , fuel sign , the interactive interface )

note: when the smoke came the first time , the dashboard was well functioning . but it stopped afterwards .

my question is ; what do you think happened ? and how can i fix it ?

thanks for your time and support .

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