Outer casing loosen problem (GT72 6QE Dominator pro G) (how to fix)

I am having a problem with the I think it the outer casing or the hinge.

I am also have send this one to the main support for solution to the problem.

Country: philippines

Laptop is purchase in USA.


When I closed the lid (which I closed it in the middle to avoid strain. the casing of the lid pop-off and this is a brand new laptop.)

Room is at optimal operating temperature and it air-condition 24/7.

So at this point it is a factory defect kind of problem I am experiencing is a factory defect.


Block Image


1. the laptop brought outside of the country.

2. There was a authorized MSI service center that accepts international warranty which was referred to me from a authorized msi store in my country when I inquired for future repairs (which this is why this topic was created) but recently it was closed down and it the only service center in the philippines that will accept the repair without voiding the warranty. (as of now they told me they are going to get a new third-party authorized service center open up by august.)

3. because of that most of the stores will only replace the laptops thus they will not accept the warranty that my PC comes with I am worried that if it cracked they will not honor the warranty once they got that service center open.

So what can I do in this situation? I am pretty annoyed with the closed down of the only service center in my country...

Anyway thanks for the help.

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