Galaxy J3, Screen is dark, Powers up, no response to touch

Okay...I'll start by saying I have little/no knowledge when it comes to the hardware failure of phones. This particular device was given to me with the explanation of "Phone quit working when I unintentionally squeezed the sh*t out of it". From intense research/experimentation I gathered that this issue must be hardware related. The clues the phone is providing to what hardware issue this could be are as follows:

1. Phone gives no indication of power being on other than the slight vibration you feel when holding the power button.

2. When phone is plugged into computer the device can then be viewed as on/off due to Device Manager.

3. Experimented with pressing every available combination of buttons with no positive results. every reset technique provided via web I was able to locate.

4. No sound emanates from device

Can you please help me determine what needs to be replaced in order to alleviate the problem.

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Sounds like there is problem with the LCD, it propably broke from the squeezing.

Although you should take it to a mobile technician to be sure.


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Hey,i have had the same trouble that you :(

Did you found any solution?


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