Water damage, help with testing components

Alright, so earlier this year my drunk buddy accidently spilled some water on my macbook pro unibody late 2011 model. Wont power up, so i decided to tear it down and test some components. The water spilled on the keyboard and magsafe charger while plugged into the wall. So after i tore it down, pulled my logic board, went about cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol and let dry. Then went to test components. First test i did was connect power board(part# 820-2565-a) to the logic board. Then i went to connect the chargerto confirm the led would turn green and confirm the logic board would accept power. This did not happen. No light, nothing. So i bought a replacement power board. Tried again, same result. So, i am trying to be optimistic and hope my logic board is still in good shape but now need more information on testing the various components. I am concerned i blew my magsafe charger. I read that the DC output with no load should be around 6.5v. I am reading around .6v DC. Continuity between two inner pins and same goes for two outer pins. AC into the adapter is 122v AC, read at the weird input to the white box. Is it possible that the white box shorted out when water got on the charger? Id also like to check the fuses on the logic board. Where are they and how many of them? Can a basic continuity test with a multimeter be performed to confirm the fuse is good or is there a certain resistance that need to be met? Any and all help is appreciated, thank you in advance.

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Before going further I would try a known to be good charger because if you're only getting .6v and you're expecting 6.5v then theres a very good chance your charger is broken. good luck


Indeed! I actually just ripped it apart and found black/burned solder where the output cords run. So im going to order a new charger and go from there. However, id still like to test the logic board fuses and components to verify theyre in working order. I found two fuses so far, one for the DC in and one for the battery and RAM. I feel there should be a few more but cannot locate them. To my knowledge, the fuses are white ceramic rectangular pieces and those are the only two i coukd locate.


@mdillonaire what is your logic boards 820-XXXX number? Post some good images of the front and back of your logic board so we can try and help you to identify the components.


I will check the number and take pics when i get home from work this afternoon