Smoke Emitting from Betamax VCR

Okay, so I recently acquired a Betamax VCR from somebody who said it was working. I plugged it in, and it started up fine (not plugged into anything aside from power). The LED clock came on and I spent about 10 minutes with it just idle and adjusting the clock. Then I went to plug a composite video cable into the output on the front and it made a sort of crackling sound and smoke started emitting from the top (around where the power cable is). I unplugged it and left it for a couple of days and only now have I gotten around to opening it up. It's hard to see inside but I can't see any obvious damage, the capacitors I can see look fine.

I'm not very familiar at all with VCR's (or electronics in general) and especially not familiar with this beta machine so I'm not really sure what I'm looking for in terms of damaged components.

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