After replacing new battery, tablet won't start. How to fix it?

I replaced a new battery in my Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Tablet and now it won't start. I took battery out and replaced it again, It still will not start. I can't find a repair shop locally. I need help. I need my tablet!

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first to know how'd you do to your tablet?


if you manually replace the battery are you sure you are a technician or electrician? to disassemble your tablet? do you have knowledge for disassmbling gadgets? if you do not know what you are doing maybe your tab got a internal damage due to disassembling. but if you have knowledge disassembling device or gadget maybe you damage it accidentally without your notice


sorry for bad english ^_^


i suggest find a electrician near you and get it check your power supply of your tab or check it it had short circuit