My phone doesent turn on!

My baterry wa fully discharged and when i put it to charge it doesent charge. And dont dont turn on.

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juan, sound like a faulty/bad battery, try replacing battery with new one, charge and power up phone. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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el mio se puso a vibrar como si estuviese tildado le quite la bateria y despues nunca mas encendio, podrias probar cambiandole la bateria o que la misma no haga contacto, para el mio no tuve esa solucion pero es informacion que podria serte util


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i have the same problem. i just bought a new baterry kit from here and i replaced the old one. the phone started ok and the new baterry was 74% charged. i used the phone almost 8 hours until the baterry discharged completelly and when i try to turn on my iphone 5 after 6 or 8 hours connected to the power socket it just doesnt want to turn on!!! i tried with different iphone chargers and still nothing. i tried again the old baterry and the phone charges and it can be turned on. if i put back into the phone the new baterry the phone is dead! i see on the screen the empty baterry icon.

is there any way to start the phone after you install a new baterry? like some speciap procedure or the baterry is broken?

please help, i was glad to see my iphone staing alive for 8 hours but than the nightmare begun!


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dragos constantin, you have put your question as an answer, best for you to repost your question as a question for all ifixit volunteers to see, so question can be answered.



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