My screen flickers on low battery then it turns off

Since this device isnt mines I'm having issues in it, most of the time I use this device my screen would flicker like crazy and turn off on its own, I didnt use anything to waste the batterynormally except this game I play and also I clear the apps cause I opened a lot of them, and now it wont stop and keeps going on and off . However now it continues to do it and I had to keep looking up answers to this and it has to do with my battery problems I've tried unplugging power down and open and it didn't work please help!

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I have the same sort of problem. When the battery on my tab s goes down to a certain percentage such as 40, the screen will start to flicker and just turn off. I kept thinking it was just the problem of changing the battery. I dont want to end up changing the battery having been stuck with the same problem


Well nobody knows this solution then I don't know how to solve mines