Apple发布于2012年9月12日的第六代iPhone,维修时与前代型号一样,需要螺丝刀和撬棒。iPhone 5以多种版本销售:通讯制式有GSM/CDMA;存储容量有16/32/64G;颜色有黑/白。

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Why does my phone die at a very high percentage?

For a while, my phone has been gradually increasing at when my phone would die.

(eg, a month before my phone would die at around 40-50%, now it dies at 90-100%)

This happened a while ago with the same phone and some how, my phone fixed itself (I don't know how it happened) and it went back to normal (dying at 0%). But, the problem repeated again and I've tried everything (DFU restore, discharging and leaving it overnight) and my last resort is buying a new battery or even a new phone.

I've seen some posts where people say you run a battery-intensive app and let it discharge until 0%, but it's impossible for me, since I can't reach even below 50%.

When it dies, it stays at the flat battery screen and will instantly reboot once a charger has been plugged in.

Info about my phone:

-Bought my phone from a friend

-I have gotten the battery replaced, so my warranty is voided

-iOS 9.3.2

I would like to not buy a new battery, as it costs a lot of money.

Suggestions thanks :-)

(edit- when I reboot it, it goes to a different battery percentage, different to when it died. eg it died at 100%, but when rebooted it shows 96%)

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This started happening to me with my iPhone 6, it is super frustrating!!

me too i hve the same problem it only happens every other weekend though which is weird and it usuallly ends on tuesday when i’m at school ! it’s so weird

I've had this problem for two-three months now, its so annoying. I have to keep my phone constantly plugged in

Same problem. My phone goes from 100% to dead. This has been happening for months. My phone dies in less then 30 minutes usually. And when I open some apps like Snapchat it dies instantly!!

AT&T ran a test on my phone and they says it’s a software problem. So why it’s the Apple fixing this issue! By Soooo Frustared

i have this problem currently with my iPhone 6. I can only use it for about 15 minutes and then its dead and won't turn on for minimum of 3 hours after it being on charge. Its so frustrating as i use my phone for business.



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dear friend, i think the problem related to the battery (or battery connector),

how much duration of time you getting phone without force shut down?


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For me it's one certain apps like snapchat.. I legit just unplugged my phone and when I went on snapchat to send a snap it turned off ..

That happens to me too

same it always happens to me and never go to AT&T because we did the prepaid warranty and prepaid upgraid and when i went to upgrade the phone at the availible contract time thay said that i still had to pay another 100 dollars just toupgrade my two phones and an added 150 dollars for one crack on my phone!

my problem started 2 days ago and now it kills itself one minute after turning it on. I don't know how it escalated so quickly but I do know apple charges iPhone 5 and below for a battery replacement but don't for the 6 and up, even for the newer phones which is complete bullshit.

My problem started very recently too. I will have 100% battery, take it off the charger,and with in 5 minutes, it turns off, tries to turn itself back on, but gets stuck on the apple logo until I plug it back in. When I do plug it back in, the percentage will have gone down a significant amount. Were you having the same kind of issue? Have you figured out a solution?



It's battery or power IC on motherboard.

You can use iBackupBot to check battery cycles and capacity left. Usually when you buy cheap chinese battery it's even worse than used one, or don't show cycles and capacity. If you buy good replacement it should fix this issue.


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There most certainly is a an IC responsible for that and its almost certain that that IC is his issue.

It can be IC too, but some of batteries are copy or even refurbished refurbished. Problem is that's difficult to test battery when you buy it.

Battery also have it's own IC to count cycles. We saw on market batteries which didn't have this.


I know you said you didnt want to replace the battery, but I would try a new battery before replacing an ic they may or may not be the issue. iFixit has batteries for the 6 for a real cheap price and they are good quality. I've used several to repair customer's phones.


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I have the same problem. No solutions though. A lot of these comments were hard to understand considering I'm not exactly tech-savvy. Although, its nice to have someone to relate to, feeling my pain and annoyance about the constant battery death. Have you bought a new battery or phone? My phone is the iPhone 5s and its about 3 years old. So, I'm guessing the battery is just wearing out.


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My Iphone 4S keeps dying at 96% what to do and it because i open Whatapp

What must I do?????


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Your phones power ic is almost dead , that needs to be replaced before damaging sth else on the logic board

U may can use phone now but after a while it will stop working and that too bad

I think the ic is on the right side of battery connector on logic board.

If the problem was the battery ,the percentage decresses faster than normal ,after reboot or using etc ...


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That is not even close to correct.



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