Trips gfci outlets ONLY

I have had this Keurig for 1.5 years. Recently it started tripping all of my gfci outlets immediately. It still works on regular outlets. I called Keurig about repair advice and they just gave me a new one for free. If it is possible to fix, I'd like to do so.

Tonight, under close supervision, I ran a few cycles of vinegar through. After it sucked up more vinegar I unplugged it, to soak.

So far I have removed the bottom plate, unscrewed the pump, blown into it to release as much water as possible, propped the pump open and set it outside in the sunshine to dry.

I have never gotten a descalling message, but have run vinegar through before without issue. I don't use the filter and I do use tap water. It would go up to 2 weeks without use.

I'm hoping vinegar helps if it's corrosion. If it doesn't, where else would I look for the problem?


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