Create a Boot Sound [Root]

Hi guys,

I am using a ZTE Blade L3, 5.0.2 rooted with Kingroot. I want to add a Boot Sound on the Boot animation. I've read and tried many things to add the sound but nothing work.

Heres what i have found and done :

- Moved file to /system/media ; /system/media/audio/ui ; /system/etc/ ; /data/local/

- Changed file name to PowerOn.ogg

- Convert the file in wav, mp3 and ogg

- modify the "desk.txt" in the to add a "s PowerOn.ogg"

- I modified the permission to -rw -r -r

I ve seen a blog that talks about an "audio-conf.txt" but can't find a way how to use this.

Nothing work. Please if you have any idea, let me know. I am stuck since days with this and I really need it.



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