crashed one night, now it doesn't recognize usb, not even sync

ok i have a jalibroken ipod touch 3rd gen 64gb. i had installed backgrounder wich allows it to run multiple apps in the background as if in foreground. one night, i was doing 4 or 5 tasks at the same time, i use sbsettings to show free RAM on top of the screen. all the sudden it started to slow really down, i look at the status bar, 5MB of free RAM. before i could free up some memory, it crashed. since then, after booting, itunes doesn't detect it, windows doesn't. worst part, it doesn't even charge no more!!!! it's like it doesn't relize there's something called usb!! but it does turn on if i plug it to usb when its off, but after it boots up again, same story all over! doesn't charge again!! don't know what to do :(( i emailed sjobs, tried express lane, searched apple's website for hours! so i'm knocking on every door here, plz help!

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