Scroll wheel popping out?

After replacing the scroll wheel, LCD's, and batteries on several 5th generation iPod nanos, I've noticed that the scroll wheel will sometimes go back in without any problem. Other times it will go in but it wont be secure. I have been searching everywhere for a possible solution, but I cant seem to find out whats going on. I use a very thin grinded down (to be thinner) exacto knife. I start at the upper right hand corner between the menu and right button, and I work my way down giving it some pressure to pop it out. Any input on to how to get the device to sit perfectly every time would be greatly appreciated.


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Try this and see if it works "I've been reading thru different posts and this seems to be a recurring problem and needs to be addressed by apple. the board/clickwheel after a lot of use loosens up and creating some form of unstable contact, a solution i found is by adding a firm backing to it. i did this by inserting a piece of thin plastic (thin old credit card would do) between the board and the aluminum casing on the bottom end of the iPod. tried this with 2 of my iPods and it worked. of course you need to take the bottom plastic cover and the aluminum connector support with the 2 screws first" Why has my iPod click wheel stopped working?... Since your click wheel still functions I assume that this is caused by the above described issues. Put a backing on it to support the clickwheel

Good luck and let us know how its going....


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I had this problem and I've decided that the guide for removing and replacing the click wheel is not 100% correct. In actual fact, the metal bracket around the connector port at the bottom of the iPod also helps hold in the bottom edge of the click wheel. So, the correct way to remove the click wheel is to first remove the bottom plastic bit, then remove the 2 screws holding in the metal bracket surrounding the connector port (the middle and right screws at the bottom) and remove the metal bracket before attempting to remove and replace the click wheel itself.

When you replace the clickwheel, you need to make sure that as you insert the metal bracket the clickwheel is properly in place so that the bracket holds in the bottom edge of the click wheel. Simply apply a little pressure on the bottom of the click wheel as you return the metal bracket into place.


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Did you find a solution? My scroll wheel won't go back in.


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tipoo, you disassembled your Nano and the wheel wont go back in? Just trying to visualize the problem so I can help you to find an answer

Yes. It fits back in the hole, but it doesn't stay in place.

does it sort of pop back out to the back?

I'm not sure what you mean by pop out to the back...It just slips out of the front, like nothings holding it in place.

Sorry I was not very descriptive :) I was wondering if it is was of center and that it looks like it is coming out of one side. I do believe that it has to do with t he curvature of the housing itself. Check on my answer below and see if that makes sense. Let me know....



Thanks for this extra tip. I was having the same problem. I forced the clickwheel out, but I couldn't figure out how to get it seated back in place properly. Once you remove the metal bottom bracket, you can see exactly how it is designed to hold the click wheel in.




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