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Dent in the aluminum back of the screen

I dropped the heavy battery charger on top of my 15" MacBook Pro and got a small, but ugly, dent in the back of the screen. Everything still works fine, it is just that I find it really disturbing to look at.

You think it is possible to take the aluminum back of and push the dent out? How do I do it?

Is it possible to buy the aluminum back as a spare and change it?

Big thanks for any help

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they sell brand new display shell on ebay for $100, but its somewhat difficult to replace since the glass is glued to the shell. look at ifixit guild to replacing the lcd and decide for your self. Also i think its possible to pound it flat given that you first completely taken it apart first and have just that aluminum panel. My guess if that you lay it on a nice clean smoothh flat surface such as glass that wont break and flatten it out with a rubber mallet. lol


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You can try

pushing or hammering the dent, but you will likely mess up the finish.

If you buy a pooched MBP 15" off ebay or some other source you can replace the back, but its a chore.

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dry ice supposedly removes hail dents from auto sheet metal, i'm about to try this on my dented mac book pro but i'll try to be very cautious, lol


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Did this work for you??


I have had some small success with heating the dented area with a hair dryer, and then applying extreme cold to it after. I did this with a compressed air can. If you hold the compressed air can upside down, it makes the air come out extremely cold. This seemed to reduce the depth of the dent, so this method has some potential. I figure that if I heat the area longer, and maybe massage the dent a little just before blasting it with cold air, it might get he dent worked out. In my case, the dent isn't that bad, and is barely noticeable. My obsession with keeping my MacBook Pro in perfect condition is the only thing driving me to pursue this. It's ridiculous that we would have to buy an entire display assembly, just to fix this. iResQ will do the repair for just over $700, but that's still really high JUST for a slab of aluminum that has a small dent.


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Were you able to get the dent completely popped out using hair dryer + extreme cold?

Did it damage the finish of the aluminum in any way?


I tried again but without much additional success. In November 2013, my nearly pristine MacBook Pro went flying onto a hard tile floor where it received a huge dent in the case and the display. I paid over $1100 to iResQ to repair it, but they installed a bad display with a lot of light bleed around the edges. When I sent it back to have the issue corrected, they installed the wrong display (incompetence). And here's the best part... They called Apple and pretended to be me and asked for a copy of my sales invoice. What they weren't counting on was that Apple would send the invoice to me and not them, and they informed me that someone called. That violation of my privacy, and the fact that they are dealers in skank parts from shady suppliers made me VERY angry. By this time, I was done dealing with these morons, and I demanded a refund, and enough additonal money to buy a new MacBook Pro with equal specs. Two years later, I'm still using the MacBook Pro w/retina display that I bought after this debacle.

Thanks a lot for the info! I guess it might be worth a try then, since a compressed air can is pretty cheap.

Sorry about your troubles, but it's good for people to know all this info about this company. At least all seemed to work out in the end.



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