No red light - no power at all.

Suddenly our TV won't turn on. The red light that is normally on when the TV is off is also not on.

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Rebecca Chock what is the exact model number of your TV? what have you checked? Have you tried a different power outlet?

My TV model number is KD-75XE94xx have checked my power socket with other device and it works fine but my Sony TV ain't showing any red light power indication at all when plugged

I have the same problem. My model code is UA40H5500AKXXA no power and no red light

I have same problem tv model is


@meljay what problem do you have with your TV? what have you tried to fix it?



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  1. Check the power socket and the power cord. Connect a known working appliance to the socket to check if the socket is indeed live. If your TV has a detachable power cord, make sure plugs at both ends are fully seated.
  2. If you're positively sure that the socket is live and the power cord is OK, unplug the power cord and leave it unplugged for half an hour before plugging it back in. Certain recent TVs are fitted with self-resetting fuses, and unplugging the power cord will allow a tripped fuse to reset.
  3. If you're still not getting the red Standby light, the circuit that powers your TV is defective. Such defects are often banal and easily repaired, but this should be done by a qualified technician because the power supply circuitry is safety critical and faulty repairs may constitute a fire or electrocution hazard.


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the stanby light shows on my tv but doesnt work, i try to turn on and nothing happens ...

You are a lifesaver- thank you!!! :D


Hi guys, my Sony Bravia 50” TV stopped working… model no. KDL-48W705C. The power adapter was making funny noises and when I came back from holidays there was no power on TV. It appears that the power could tripped as my internet box was not working and both of those devices were connected to one extension lead. I tried to power the TV with a new power adapter lead but it was still not working. Any advices please? I bought this TV in July 2016 and it was rarely used…


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Spooky exact same thing just happened exactly the same model of sony tv old-48w705c . This can’t be a coincidence? Is this a software update failure?

I solved it.... all you have to do is to buy exactly the same power adapter that you have and it has to be Sony brand, other brands wouldn't work (an advice given by a guy in a shop who specialises in fixing TV's). I got a second hand (Sony, the same model) and is back working!


Power within TVs in general has 2 forms (for lack of a better way to describe it).

1) Standby power - This is usually 5V and is there to respond to a remote. The presence of this is known by a red light that is seen from the front of the TV. If this is not present, a remote won't work and most likely the TV won't turn on at all. (This is what is being reported here.)

2) Running power - This is what is used once the set turns on. This is triggered either by pressing the power button on the TV or on the remote. In both cases, the internal "computer" is told to turn on the TV. Problems with this power supply usually result in the set clicking on and then off, no picture but sound etc.

Since the reported problem here is no red light at all, I would be looking for a more obvious problem with the power supply board. For example: a blown fuse, a defective rectifier diode in the standby circuit etc.

Further investigation is required to determine the exact problem. If you are not comfortable working on electronic devices, seek a professional service shop for help.



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सोनी 22 इंच ब्राविया usb पेन ड्राइव पे फ़िल्म चलते चलते स्क्रीन पे ग्रीन वाइट लाइन आके पावर ऑफ फिर पावर आन हुवा ऑफ फिर बाद में डेड हो गया

पावर भी ठीक है

रेड लाइट भी नही आरही है


Google Translation

Sony 22 inch Bravia usb pen drive, walk on the screen, the screen is green white, the power of the power on the off, then the dead later, the power is also fine, the red light is not too rahi


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ramnarayanjat1 this does not translate very well. Can you try to describe it a bit more in detail?

यह बहुत अच्छी तरह से अनुवाद नहीं करता है। क्या आप इसे थोड़ा और विस्तार से वर्णन करने का प्रयास कर सकते हैं?

I have sony braviya 22 model P40 B. TV HAVE No power and red light on screen , Tv is dead

I purchased Sony KD-43X7000E IN MALAYSIA now I'm using in India unfortunately TV was falled down the screen was damaged I called service and he was replaced, after 10 days while I am seeing TV suddenly off the TV and no power supply. Again I contacted service he was said power board problem. He said again you want to change board. Why this problem happened any software issue



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