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2012 MBP Parts Swap

So I have two partially broken 15inch Macbook Pro's, an A1286 2011 and an A1286 2012, The 2011 has an Anti-Glare Screen but a bad motherboard, and the 2012 good logic board with the 1gb of vram, but has a damaged screen and trackpad. I just wanted to know if it was possible to take the screen and trackpad from the 2011 and put them into the 2012?

I was told that screen connectors might be different and I may have to mod the cable?

Has anyone tried this, is it doable? Thanks!

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Hey there! I have good news! The trackpad and display are both totally interchangeable. The cables on the display are even the same. The only difference between the two displays is that the 2012 has a better webcam.

Best of luck in your repair!


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The display connector on a 2012 is slightly different, you may have to bend the one on your logic board. 100% works though!



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