Samsung's 5th-generation Android-based Galaxy smartphone was released April 11, 2014. Improvements to the phone include a fingerprint scanner, updated camera, larger display, and water resistance. It is available in four different colors; black, blue, white, and copper.

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Can't transfer photos to PC

Ugh. I can't get my phone to transfer photos to my PC. I don't think the PC is recognizing it. I formerly used my old Samsung phone to connect easily, using Verizon Cloud, and transferred no prob. Why does this phone not connect? HELP

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I had this same problem. Nothing worked for me until I copied all my gallery photos and then pasted them into the DCIM folder located in my micro SD card, which allowed me to view and transfer whichever photos I desired. The "Developer" option did not work for me.

I have a Galaxy J3 not the s5. Can I still down load as you said MPT ?

I have a SD card reader that I've had to use for years back before I had a smart phone. So I just popped the SD card out of my phone, put it in the USB enabled reader, and transferred everything that way. It's old school, since I bought the SD card reader back when I had a flip phone, but it worked easy peasy. You can find those SD card readers pretty cheap just about anywhere.

it could be the broken USB cable, try a new one instead otherwise you should do a full examination on ur phone.

I finally solved this problem wirelessly. Load the ShareIt app on both PC and phone and transfer photos, apps or other files easily. Your smartphone may already have ShareIt loaded. But just see that it's an updated version with the slightly changed new icon . If not just update it.



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Are you on the latest Android Version called 6.0 / Marshmallow? When you plug your phone to your computer via MicroUSB / USB 3 cable you need to drag down from the notification bar / status bar then select the tile called 'USB for charging, Touch for more options' then select 'File transfers' for the Use USB for window dialog.

This should then allow you to access the files on the PC.

f that still doesn't work then you will need to go to phone settings, scroll down to About Phone, then tap on that, then tap on build number 7 times and it will show the developer options where you need to go back to the settings list to select it. Once you get in developer options scroll down and look for Enable USB debugging. Enable that and see if that works.

Other wise you may need to go into storage under phone settings then press the menu button, usually the 3 dotted menu button on the top right of the screen and change the USB connection settings there.

Still having issues? Look at the comments right below my answer for another solution.


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I had the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy and I followed your debugger instructions however there was one more step. After you go back to settings, select Enable USB debugging keep scrolling down till you get to USB Configuration, tap on that, select PTP Picture Transfer Protocol, then plug your phone into your computer and you will now see an icon that looks like a storage device, click on that and you will see all the files on your phone. Once you unplug your phone the USB config will revert back to USB Charging.

i had one extra step.


about device

build number (7x)

...... go back to settings....

developer options

USB debugging - select - turn on

....scroll down ...

USB configuration - press and hold to get pop up - radio buttons MTP = media transfer protocol

a couple of notes


2. if USB debugging already enabled. ---the above, then you get a message when you tap 7x t get message "already enabled. "

you will have to reactivate

....USB configuration - press and hold to get pop up - radio buttons MTP = media transfer protocol

Thanks for the simplified steps I will reference your comment in answer.

Or, just set up google Photos then go to the website.

Also, USB debuging isn't necessary to transfer between an Android phone and computer. Just plug it in select photo transfer from the notification bar.

I have a simpler solution for those that aren't Geeks. If i connect my phone to pc it detects it (on the phone i have to give permission to the pc to read files etc you click yes ) then when you open the photo folder you only see Screenshots. so select all photo's you want to transfer (on your phone) tap the triple dot copy or transfer files to album select screenshots & your done.

Just remember that if you copy a lot your phone's that you have enough free MB



Here is an easy way to transfer photos from Samsung Galaxy phones to PC or Mac, watch this video:


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Yeah, great helpful with me.


I had this same problem. Samsung and AT&T offered me no solutions that worked. The "Developer" option did not work for me. Installing Samsung Smart Switch did not help. Installing the driver did not help. Installing Samsung developer software did not help. Nothing worked for me until I had a sudden bout of common sense and copied all my gallery photos and then pasted them into the SD card's DCIM Camera folder, which allowed me to view and transfer whichever photos I desired.


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How do you do that?

My issue is copying my screenshots file from my android phone, Samsung Galaxy S8, to my computer but it takes them out of order somehow. Most of these are recipes that have images in order then a new recipe in order after that. This file has over 8000 images. I could also buy a new android flash drive and try copying the file on it too. It's very important that the files throughout stay in order. ANY IDEAS? This is important to me. Thank you!!! How do I know when replies happen?


I have an additional question....once I do all these steps, my phone wants to transfer ALL (and there are a ton) of the pictures from my son's tooth brushing app and a bunch of random pictures that look like they might have come from Instagram, but aren't pictures I posted on Insta. Is there a way to make it so that it only transfers the pictures from my gallery and not all these other random pictures? It's super time consuming to go through over 2,000 pictures to only pick out the 200-300 I really want to transfer.


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Hi I have a galaxy 5 and it won't download the photos to my PC The thing is it did it last year? I make a calendar for my family and times running out! I have tried everything above. It is telling me there are no new photos to download? there are loads!!!!!

With this dr.fone - Transfer, you can easily transfer photos (you want) from your Samsung Galaxy phones to a PC.


My computer recognized the cell phone, however the Samsung folder on the computer was blank and it did not show ANYTHING, including all files, pictures, etc. ~ so after searching on the internet, here's what I figured out and it worked although I am computer illiterate. After doing this, it enabled the Samsung folder and I can now view and transfer photos, files, etc. from cell phone to the laptop.


  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on "Developer Options"

{if Developer Options is not turned on, hit it 7-times and that will turn it on}

  • Scroll down to Networking Section and Tap on "USB configuration"
  • Tap or turn on "MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)"

{a window will pops up that says Allow access to phone data}

  • Tap on "Allow"

. . . . . and there you have it!


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After I turned on Developer Options, I cannot find "Networking Section" or "USB Configuration". Any ideas?

After I tapped on MTP, no window popped up to allow access to phone data. What should I do?

Same here. Nothing "popped" for me either.

Eish I have problem of my phone Samsung A5, it doesn't detect to my computer so that I transfer file. What must I do?

I have not got half these apps? one is supposed to go to to fix the problem, Why does it have to be so complicated, why can't you just plug it in and away it goes????? Thought technology had improved, it's just frustrating!!!!! Aaaaaaagh!



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