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Upgrade battery on 13' MacBook Pro

I have the mid-2009 13" macbook pro with core2 and A1322 battery. Mine is losing it's charge capacity and I want to get the newer batteries, so what fits and what are the part numbers? Can I get the newest 63.5wh battery or even the 10 hour battery?

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Same situation but posting this at 2018. Except the battery does not hold a charge, only works when using a charger.

Any help would be greatly received.


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Here is the link to an upgrade battery that iFixit sells.

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Mid 2009) Battery

And here is a link to another source--in both cases talk to the supplier and make sure it fits your computer.


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The battery from the Mid-2009 version is labeled A1322 and has the APN 661-5229. It is 10.95 V and 60 Wh.

The battery from the Mid-2010 version is ALSO labeled A1322 and has the APN 661-5557. It is 10.95 V and is bumped up to 63.5 Wh. It is fully compatible with your machine.

As for iFixit's parts, these particular batteries are pulled directly from new or refurbished Apple machines. We mark them "used" because they came from a machine that was turned on for testing (much like a new car becomes a used car the second it is driven off the car lot). The mAh rating is represented on the part page as a range rather than a specific number, because these batteries, direct from Apple's machines, have a sizable variation in actual mAh from battery to battery.


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That's a used battery from ifixit?

And they do not give any mAh or Wh at all?

Just that it is fully tested? And that for $119.5?

I have to admit: I do have little confidence here.

What are the real specs of an original A1322? Apple says 63.5 Wh. This would be 10.8 V and 5880 mAh.

Or 5770 mA and 11.0 V.

I do see many third party offers, naming about 60 Wh, 10.95 V, ergo 5480 mAh.

Steve J. claimed superior quality for their current, not user-replaceable batteries (does not apply for ifixit-readers). Are those 3rd party replacements a real match?


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3rd party replacements you can see here:


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bad link....

Bad link also.



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