High-end Fire OS 5 tablet released by Amazon in 2015. Features a 10.1" HD display and MediaTek quad-core processor.

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Why am I getting constant random adds?

I keep getting ads every 10-15 minutes and they're just now popping up. It doesn't matter if I'm in an app or on the home screen, they're always the same ones and if I click on it leads to nowhere and heavily slows the system for a while. Please help, I don't know what to do to fix it. I don't know if it's a virus or what, or if it's worth having a professional look at.

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I don’t want to restart because I will loose my stuff on my games what do I do now?


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Hey Michael,

When exactly did this start happening? Did you happen to install a new app around the same time that it started happening? As far as I know, Amazon only shows their ads on the lockscreen of Kindles with "Special Offers", and not on the home screen or in apps. I would try uninstalling your recently installed apps to see if that fixes the issue. If that doesn't help, I'd recommend trying to factory reset your tablet. This will reset your Kindle to how it was when you first got it, which should wipe away those advertisements.


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It started about a month ago, I knew there were ads on the lock screen but I thought it was weird when I randomly started getting these. The only app that I had downloaded at the time was Pandora, so I will try and get rid of that. Thank you for the advice, if that doesn't work I will try resetting it.

Also note that Amazon "displays" ads in the notification area. They are typically items on sale in the store and from the offers section of your Kindle. They can be swiped away and cleared touching "clear all" just below your notifications. Also there are "no root" side loading solutions like at http://bit.ly/1m5fZfz , that will also remove Amazon only ads.



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