nokia 1320 blank screen

I'm trying to fix a family members phone which doesnt show any picture on the screen. from what i was told the phone kept overheating when she used the GPS for a long time and it made lines show up on the screen. Apparently that went away after a few days, but after a couple of weeks the screen now doesnt turn on at all.

Anyone know how i should fix this?


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Try this. It should help:

Press and hold the Volume Down and Power Button down until the phone vibrates. This is about 15 seconds. You should then see the Nokia logo and the phone should restart as normal.

This is actually a very common issue for the Nokia Lumia 1320. I think it's a defect in just that model in particular. Seems to be no solution to fix this issue.


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Thanks, i tried that but it doesnt vibrate or do anything at all.

I just noticed however that when i press the power button the backlight comes on slightly, if that makes any difference.

It doesnt work on my lumia 1320. tried several times but my phone still on blank screen. no logo appearing when the phone vibrates.


1. For example, if your phone freezes or does not switch on, if an app crashes, if you have sound problems, or if the screen is blank.

2. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys simultaneously for 10-15 seconds.

3. Release and the phone will restart.


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I did that buy it only screen display. I made a call from anothet phone to check if it was still rang but no display.

My Lumia 1320 only shows the Nokia logo but doesn't turn on. And my buttons are broken. It's only my power and camera button that works. And when I connect to charger it shows the Nokia logo and then the windows sign and goes back off. Due to my broken volume buttons I cannot perform a soft or hard reset. Please help asap

And a few days ago I put my Lumia 1320 on charge and it charged up to 100%. And I disconnected it from the charger. And the phone just went off and wont turn on

my lumia 1320 just switch off next thing is a symbol of setting and that of danger /phone charging what could be the problem?



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